Rebound. Interview: Heather Carroll O'Bryan

When the going gets tough, Heather Carroll O’Bryan digs in.
A tale of drive, with a few bumps in the road, Heather shares how unexpected events shaped her life and her career.
With humor (and love for DMB), she tells us about her time at W.O.N.Y. as well as stations (not radio) beyond her time on college airwaves.

Liner notes
"It's impossible to just pick 7 to 10!! Ahhh these songs were in heavy rotation on my show!" -Heather
Show credits
Aspirations… intro music: Cinnamon Walls and outro music: Festival Cantigas Do Maio, both by Orquestra Popular DePaio Pires -I’m grateful to Creative Commons and the spirt of sharing that allows me to use these tracks.

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