What We Want. Interview: Dr. Evan Lipson

This episode’s guest is a bit different from others I’ve hosted. Dr. Evan Lipson wasn’t in college radio, but he does have radio experience which helped chart the course for a career in media. A dream job, actually. Well, I would think. And obviously, this was what he wanted until, well, he didn’t.

Liner notes
"You ever see that...sign that used to hang over GE Smith and the Saturday Night Live band? Used to say "All Kinds Music Played Here. Remember that? That's kinda what I feel I do...whatever shows up...I'm game to listen to." -Evan
Show credits
Aspirations… intro music: Cinnamon Walls and outro music: Festival Cantigas Do Maio, both by Orquestra Popular DePaio Pires -I’m grateful to Creative Commons and the spirt of sharing that allows me to use these tracks.

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