Rewind & Play. Interview: Courtney Edwards

This is a true flashback episode – so many places and names- If you’re a SUNY Oneonta alumn, I’m sure there’s something here that will trigger a memory.

College cafeterias, dorm life, then a turn into interconnectedness and branching out into living as who you are. Hers is a path away from radio which looped back to podcasting – that’s where we’re at with this episode, and our conversation with Courtney Edwards.

Liner notes

Sending love and prayers to those she has left.

Where you can find Courtney:

Podcast-  | YouTube 


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" let's show up our sloppy selves and just love the shit out of that, you know?” - Courtney
Show credits
Aspirations… intro music: Cinnamon Walls and outro music: Festival Cantigas Do Maio, both by Orquestra Popular DePaio Pires -I’m grateful to Creative Commons and the spirt of sharing that allows me to use these tracks.

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