Balance. Interview: John O'Rourke

Focus your work on what you love, or find work you enjoy and that suits your skills? Explore the path of someone who chose the latter, my friend and former college radio music director John O’Rourke.

We’ll reminisce about “station life,” learn about the perks of being a music director of a station in the 90’s, and then hear more about what John is doing now as a clinical Social Worker.

Liner notes
"But throughout my life, I've made conscious decisions not to make the things I love, the things I have to do. I love music and, and I never wanted to make it become a job. So I went in a different direction. " -John

Link to Stereogum article referenced in intro: CMJ Sure Seems To Be Over. So How Come

This is the CMJ site, as it stands now


"Happy Hour" isn't live just yet, but John and his son Dex have released the first episode of their podcast of MLB Showtime - a great podcast for Families of Mets Fans.

Show credits
Aspirations… intro music: Cinnamon Walls and outro music: Festival Cantigas Do Maio, both by Orquestra Popular DePaio Pires -I’m grateful to Creative Commons and the spirt of sharing that allows me to use these tracks.

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