Double down. Interview: Bill Childs

Back in August, Bill Childs was featured in an NPR piece on Action Park, or more accurately about a law class he teaches called “Recreation and Risk: Lessons from Action Park”

This NPR interview nicely illustrates one of the intersections where Bill exists simultaneously, yet not exclusively: a blend of radio, law, and other interests – in this case, a somewhat ill-fated water park.

We’ll start from his time at WMCN 91.7 FM, Macalester College Radio out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and see where Bill Childs has been from there.

Liner notes

Resources (list still in progress – thanks for your patience!):

MarketPlace Morning Report, Aug. 18, 2022: How a dangerous water park became the subject of a law course

Music of Minnesota, Wikipedia

KCMP, The Current

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